Task List for Closing the Cabin in the Fall ... listed in order

Task Visiting Annual Shutdown Reverse Task
to Open
Turn off Stove Burners 1 1
Shut off outside gas tank 2 2
Shut off air conditioner 3 3
Put air conditioner in bunk room na 4 19
Lock ALL windows… including BEDROOMS 4 5
Vacumn 5 6
Unplug ALL EXCEPT Refrigerator 6 7
Turn off Hot Water… switch in main bedroom closet 7 8 17
Turn off Water … main inlet pipe in cellar 8 Leave open for Annual
Put TV in bunk room na 9
Clorox Clean microwave na 10
Clorox Clean toilet bowls - up & down na 11
Wipe down counters & sinks w/ Clorox cleaner na 12
Outside furniture, hoses to cellar na 13
Empty outdoor grill ash to fire pit and put grill in cellar na 14
Last chance to use bathroom or wash up na 15
Shut off water at curbstop OUTSIDE downstairs cellar back entrance na 16 16
Flush upstairs toilet, add antifreeze to bowl and back na 17
Open Faucets  AND Add antifreeze to upstairs bathroom sink na 18 15
Open Faucet AND Add antifreeze to kitchen sink na 19 14
Flush downstairs toilet, add antifreeze to bowl and back na 20
Attach hose to hot water heater drain and run outside toward Klingers cabin to get below level of water heater.  Hang hose up in tree temporarily above level.  Go back to hot water heater, detach hose, and fill with gallon jugs from step 17.  Let flow down hill, but it won't go past where the hose goes up in tree.  Reattach hose to bottom of hot water heater tank and open tank valve.  Go back down hill and let hose down to ground... water will start flowing and drain tank. na 21
Open three draincocks on three shower water valves (Hot, Cold, Mix) na 22 13
Unscrew two drainplugs on downstairs bathroom hot and cold sink inlet pipes na 23 12
Open outside faucet (outside wall behind downstairs toilet) na 24 11
Open draincock on yellow handled valve at main incoming water line near floor na 25 10
Open draincock on yellow handled valve in ceiling pipe near door to bathroom na 26 9
Open draincocks to cellar valves leading to outside bathroom… 1 above cellar door from bathroom, the other just to the right na 27 8
Open draincocks on TWO valves leading to Hot and Cold clothes washer hoses  na 28 7
Open TWO faucets leading to Hot and Cold clothes washer hoses… make sure hoses are disconnected from washer na 29 6
Open draincock on valve above cellar window na 30 5
Open draincocks on TWO yellow handled valves on top of hot water heater na 31 4
Empty upstairs fridge, unplug, prop open doors na 32 18
Empty downstairs fridge, unplug, prop open doors na 33
Hot water heater should be drained… disconnect hose, leave valve OPEN, roll up hose, draining water, and put in basement. na 34 3
Turn off cellar lights na 35
Put Lawn Mower in bathroom na 36
Padlock outside bathroom door 9 37
Pack ALL CANNED & BOTTLED GOODS and load in car to go home (They'll freeze & break) na 38
Put MANGER CABIN sign in cabin na 39 2
Turn off all lights 10 40
Pull circuit fuses from main electric box in bedroom na 41 1
Pull down shades on main door 12 43
Make sure main door is locked 13 44
Make sure aluminum door is closed 14 45

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