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..Member List...

Dick & Marty Bentley Member - trustee - treasurer RMBENTL@yahoo.com
Edward Drost Member
John Druckenmiller Member
Peter and Jean Calabrese Member - trustee Meenjean52@aol.com
Richard Hoffman Member
Stan Graden Member
Eichlin ? (was Hohenleitner) Member
Nancy (Klinger) Rogers & Robert Rogers Member
Andrew and Linda Marziale Member
John Spina Member
Christopher Germinario Member

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1. Membership

Membership shall consist of the following persons owning the lots set forth after the respective names
(updated based on assignment of rights clause #2):

Richard and Martha Manger Bentley, Lots #113-114
Frank Hohenleitner (note.. selling in Fall 2005 to ?), Lots 10 & 15, Div. 4
John Druckenmiller, Lots #131-8
Nancy Klinger Rogers, Lots #108-109-111-112
Peter and Jean Calabrese , Lot #96
John Spina, Lots #88-89
Dick Hoffman (formerly William Foley's), Lot #16
Stanley Graden, Lots #97-96
Andrew & Linda Marziale, Lots #101,102
Ed Drost, Lot #89
Christopher Germinario, Lots #86-87

Additional members may be admitted to the Association upon the affirmative vote of three-fourths of the present members.

2. Assignment of Rights

Members may assign their rights as members of the Hawleywood Well Association in the form of a deed to be recorded with the Recorder of Deeds of Wayne County, said membership rights being deemed an interest in real estate and said rights may be assigned either in connection with the lots owned by the present members or as an easement in gross separate and apart for said lots provided however that such rights may only be assigned or transferred subject to the restrictions and conditions contained in the by-laws of the Hawleywood Well Association.

3. Assessments

Assessments may be levied for the maintenance or improvement or operating costs of said Hawleywood Well Association water system at such times and in such amounts as seventy-five per cent of the membership shall vote at any meeting of the Association called upon ten days written notice. Any assessment remaining unpaid for a period of three months after duly made shall result in the forfeiture of membership and any rights in connection with the water system held by such member failing to pay the assessment as aforesaid. The HWA will charge a 10% late fee on dues or assessments not paid within the 90 days due time. If this total is not paid within six months (i.e. a sum of the normal 3 months and the extra 3 months), the membership will be terminated for the delinquent member. A courtesy reminder before termination is required procedure.

4. Trustees

All property of the association shall be held by the trustees and shall be managed by them in accordance with the provisions of the by-laws; such trustees being Martin Manger, Joseph Apold, and Theodore Teichmann who shall serve until their successors are elected. New trustees shall be elected at each annual meeting of the Association and shall serve until the next annual meeting or until their successors are elected.

5. Amendments

Amendments to these by-laws may be made at any annual meeting or special meeting called for that purpose containing notice of the proposed amendment, provided said notice be given at least ten days in writing prior to the meeting and that the amendment shall receive the affirmative vote of three-fourths of the members, whether present or not.

6. Proxy

Members may vote at any regular or special meeting by proxy in case of their absence from the meeting.

7. Rights of Members

Each member of the Association shall be entitled to supply water to one house on his premises. If a member desires to obtain water for more than one house on his land, the additional house or houses may be supplied only upon vote of the Association and upon such terms and conditions as the Association may determine.

8. Off Season Use of Water

Each member of the Association is granted full year water rights provided that conditions for freeze-proof delivery of water are in place. Winter HWA users will be assessed double dues and they are responsible for the electric expenses using the following formula: winter (10/16-4/14) costs less summer (4/15-10/15) costs. All repair costs will be the responsibility of the full membership.

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Latest Financial Report
FISCAL 2005 FINANCIAL REPORT  7/1/2004 - 6/30/2005  
Beginning Balance 7/1/04    2,697.61
 Dues Deposits  0.00  
 Interest Earned 18.51
 Winter users - FY2005 0.00
 TOTAL Income :  18.51
  P P & L -291.41
 Bank Charges -1.44
  Taxes -48.42
 Maintenance 0.00
 TOTAL Expenses :    -341.27
 Ending Balance 6/30/05    2,374.85
 PP&L Split :  Winter - $161.45  Summer - $129.96

2006 Dues return to $50.00 / year plus winter users split winter increase of $31.49 in PP&L

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...Next Meeting...

The next meeting is at the Bentley/Manger cabin (red) on the corner of Fourth Road and Hawleywood Rd

on Sunday, August 6th, 2006 at 11:00 am with a picnic to follow!

Bentleys will provide burgers and hotdogs and soda... Bring a salad or desert if you come.
All member's families and their guests are all welcome.

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Season: The time agreed to by the members Is ON from the weekend closest to April 15th and OFF the weekend closest to October 15th.

To Start the Well: Throw the combined switch 7 + 9 and the pump will begin its activity. Pressure will build up. Pump should be operating between 28 pounds and 50 pounds pressure, i.e. on at 28 lbs and off at 50 lbs. Take the time to observe a full cycle of activity to be sure that it shuts off at 50 Ibs and starts below 28 Ibs. If the pressure will not build up, there is a leak in the system, which must be located. Otherwise the pump will run constantly and burn out.

1. Turn off both main shut-off valves, and let the pressure build back up in the tank.
2. Then open one valve - watch to see the pressure build up and hold in that line.
3. Check the other main valve the same way. The line that does not hold the pressure has the leak.
4. Each curb shut-off in the defective line should be checked with a flashlight for traces of water. If no leak appears, then each house must be checked and leak(s) corrected when found.

SHUTDOWN: The last person leaving the area should turn off the main valve in their water line inside the pump house. This will help save the pump from excessive pumping in case of a leak.

HEAT: The heater is on an automated thermostat. When the tank is drained, there is no need to turn the heater on.


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HWA History

History: This association was first formed in 1956 when the original owner of the property asked Martin Manger to organize a group to buy shares in a common ownership. At the 7/22/1956 meeting it was determined that the membership would be limited to 15 shares. The share cost was $100.00. Members would be responsible for running their own lines to the well. In 1965 it was determined that a share price would be worth $125. In September of 1965 Judge Brodie was consulted regarding the HWA's ability to protect itself from non-payment of dues or assessments. He affirmed that the by-laws forfeiture clause regarding monies left unpaid for a period of three months and a vote of the membership was valid.
1981 Frank Hohenleitner started as treasurer. A share was sold back to the HWA for $125.
1985 Dues are $20. Voted in Trustees Ed Druckenmiller, Frank Hohenleitner, Mike Burkhardt Sr.
1986 Dues are $20. Not enough members for a quorum.
1987 Voted in Trustees Ed Druckenmiller, Frank Hohenleitner, Walt Klinger.
1988 Dues were $35. Ladder in well repaired. Voted no to winter well use. If emergency and used in off season (10/16-4/14), must get trustees permission and pay for any electric or repairs. Share value for buyout discussed as worth $150. Sienicki place is drilling own well and selling share back to HWA. Sending Sienicki notice of non-payment, loss of share, and payout of share less amount owed. Voted in Trustees Ed Druckenmiller, Frank Hohenleitner, Walt Klinger. After meetng, Carl Keib offered to send out notices to try and revive Hawleywood Association for road repair.
1989 Welcome to Stan Graden who bought the Church's place (lot 97).
1990 Thanks to Ed Druckenmiller, Walter Klinger, and Frank Hohenleitner for putting together the 3 page pumphouse procedure and diagram. Voted in Trustees Ed Druckenmiller, Frank Hohenleitner, Walt Klinger.
1991 Thanks to Ed Druckenmiller, Martin Manger, and Walt Klinger for their assistance in resolving the repairs and setting up the emergency water delivery system. Dues were $35 plus a special assessment of $100 to cover severe repair costs of last year. Voted in Trustees Ed Druckenmiller, Frank Hohenleitner, Mike Burkhardt Jr. Ed Druckenmiller won the $10 door prize.
1992 In the last year the Dumbrowski's (lot 47) lost their share due to non-payment of dues and the special repair assessment. We voted to pay the winter caretaker a $40 annual fee and that the HWA would pay 25% of any winter repairs. Welcome to new members, the Goetz's who bought the Keib's place. Dues were $35 and voted to increase to $50 next year. We voted to charge a 10% late fee on dues not paid within 90 days. If dues are not paid within six months, the membership shall be terminated. A courtesy reminder will be sent (cert.mail) before termination. Membership is at 11. Voted in Trustees Ed Druckenmiller, Frank Hohenleitner, Mike Burkhardt.
1993 We voted to give all owners "winter rights" if their lines are winterized. We also voted to have a yearly audit of the financials by at least two members. Dues were $50.
1994 Ed Druckenmiller passed away this past year. We discussed adding additional memberships to the well, no approval but will discuss impact with Fritz Bros. Also, ask Fritz about an annual maintenance contract. Thanks to Mike Burkhardt for painting the wellhouse. Dues still $50. Voted in Trustees Dick Bentley treasurer, F.Hohenleitner Secretary, M.Burkhardt Caretaker, John Druckenmiller
1995 Water was tested 8/94 - zero coliform. Fritz Bros. advised that about 1990 the DER sent out a directive that 15 or more households on the same well would be required to install a chlorination system. They also said the DER frequently changed/issued directives with little notice. At the meeting we voted to keep our membership at the present 11 members. Mike Burkhardt has purchased the Armenti place(lots 86,87) and now holds two shares. Dues still $50. Voted in Trustees Dick Bentley treasurer, F.Hohenleitner Secretary, M.Burkhardt Caretaker, John Druckenmiller.
1996 Voted in Trustees Dick Bentley treasurer, F.Hohenleitner Secretary, M.Burkhardt Caretaker, John Druckenmiller
1997 We had substantial repairs to the pumphouse this winter. We voted to pay for the repairs from HWA funds. We voted to change the bylaws that required winter users to pay for repairs needed during the winter. That had originally been established with the intent that winter repair costs were relative to use. This repair was to replace the pump due to failure not related to just winter use...it just picked that time to fail. Fritz Bros. said that running the pump year round rather then on/off by season is better for the pump life. The new resolution stated that Winter HWA users will be assessed double dues. In addition, they will be responsible for the electric expenses using the following formula : Winter(10/16-4/14) costs less Summer(4/15-10/15) costs. All repair costs will be the responsibility of the full membership. We voted to grant a caretaker credit of a season's dues to a member who provides this service/season. This will be offered only to one member/season. We no longer have to file a quarterly IRS form for tax exempt status… IRS rules change per Frank Hohenleitner. Dues still $50. Welcome to new member George Schmidt who purchased the Burkhardt's first place(lots 88,89).
1998 We affirmed by vote the resolution accepted last year to amend the by-laws regarding winter use costs and winter repair costs.
1999 Welcome to new member Paul Hohenleitner who has assumed ownership of his father(Frank)'s place(lots 10,11). Results from the August 10, 1998 water test sampled both at well line#1 and at the Fillman's kitchen were both zero coliform. We voted to increase the dues to $75 effective next year. Voted in Trustees Dick Bentley treasurer, Paul Hohenleitner Secretary, Stan Graden Caretaker, and John Druckenmiller. After the meeting we discussed the road conditions.
2000 Thanks to Walt Klinger for arranging the repairs to Hawleywood Road last August.He coordinated $1600 of work and 10 residents (not all HWA members) shared the cost. Welcome to new members, the Zellmer's, who bought the Burkhardts place(lots 86,87). Thanks to George Zellmer who put out his own money to start road repairs along with Stan Graden. George is requesting a voluntary donation from area residents to help out, also let him or Stan know if you're available to help do some roadwork when you're in the area!
2001 Welcome to new members, Andrew & Linda Marziale, who bought the Goetz's place 8/30/2000 (lots 101,102). Thanks to George Zellmer and Andy Marziale who upgraded the wellhouse insulation and thermostat controls. In the meeting held 8/5/2001 we voted in Trustees Dick Bentley(treasurer), Stan Graden(caretaker), George Zelmer(caretaker). We approved two caretakers for this year and will credit both of them a season's dues. George Zellmer is again coordinating some road improvements this year...see him for details. Corrections to previous notes: Frank Hohenleitner still owns his cabin. Marziale's lot numbers in bylaws corrected to read 101,102.
2002 Drought warnings persist for southeastern PA, but we have not seen any effect on the well this year in spite of a dry winter last year. We didn't have a quorum, so the trustees and caretakers continue as they are. Welcome to new members Dick Hoffman and his wife...they bought the Foley's place. Mr. Struble purchased George Schmidt's place. Dick Bentley will send out a postcard ballot to reduce the current year dues back to $50 as we have built our account back up now for emergencies. No checks sent in for payment will be cashed until then.
2003 The rain is back in force this year after a snowy winter as well. Welcome to new members Peter & Jean Calabrese who bought the Fillman's place (lot#s 94-96). We approved eliminating the dues for Fiscal Year 2003 (7/02-6/03) and Fiscal Year 2004 (7/03-6/04). Any checks that were mailed in in the last year were not cashed and will be returned. Voted and approved Trustees Dick Bentley (Treasurer), George Zellmer (Caretaker), and Peter Calabrese. Thanks again to George Zellmer for coordinating donations and activity for road improvements.
2004 Another rainy, cool year. Not enough showed for a quorum, but we had a nice picnic with those that did, the Zellmers, Howells, Drosts, and Bentleys. Trustees will stay the same : Dick Bentley (Treasurer), George Zellmer (Caretaker), and Peter Calabrese. We'll plan on continuing zero dues for 2005 and reinstate them next year at $50.00. John Spina is renting his place to Albert Menderis.
2005 Welcome to Christopher Germinario who bought the Zellmer's place. Frank Hohenleightner is in final negotiations to sell his place as well. We had a picnic with the Druckenmiller clan and said hi to a few that were up but couldn't make it to the meeting. Dues are $50.00 for fiscal 2006.

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