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This page is dedicated to our ancestors who are veterans of the
Revolutionary Army of the United States of America

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Our Ancestors:

Jenckes Perkins served as private in Capt. Stephen Babcock's company, Col. William Barton's corps of Light Horse, Rhode Island troops.

Ebenezer Bassett, in 1776, served in the sea-coast defense of Marthas Vineyard during the American Revolution. He was an inn holder in Chilmark, MA.

Josiah Rogers resided in Canterbury, CT in 1779 and in May of that year he enlisted as a private for the term of three months into the service of the State of Connecticut under the command of Captain Joseph Burgess. It was a single militia company, mosted of them drafted for three month's service and mustered in the town of Canterbury. They marched to Chatham on the North River, where they remained for a month and a half on guard, then marched to Groton, CT to remain at the fort until his term of service expired. He was dismissed with the rest of his company and returned home without any written documents of discharge. The officer commanding the fort during his service was Col. Ledyard. He again enlisted in March of 1782 as a private for the term of one year in to the service of the Connecticut State militia under the command of Captain Daniel Allen, who had enlisted a company of volunteers in the towns of Ashford and Canterbury, CT. He then enlisted as a substitiute for Deacon Jacob Winters and David Dodge, the older men being then formed in to ???? which evolve to send one man cash, either as a volunteer, or as a substitiute. The two individuals named paid Josiah Rogers five dollars continental money as a bounty for his enlisting for ???? to which they belonged.... From the aforesaid towns the company marched to Horse Neck, but being himself sick with the Small Pox, he did not march with them, but joined the company at Horse Neck about one month later, where he found the company attached to a regiment under the command of Col. Samuel Canfield..... making a regiment of four companies. He remained in service at Horse Neck until the expiration of his term, the first day of April, 1783, when he was discharged without any written documents. The whole regiment was discharged at the same time, peace having been previously made. The applicant was in no battle during this term, but was employed in small scouting parties along the lines against the "refugees" and what was then called the "Cow Boys"......

Enos Stebbins served as sergeant at the Lexington Alarm in Capt. James Warriner's company; also in Capt. Nathan Rowle's company, Col. John Jacobs regiment, Massachusetts. Captain James Warriner's company, "who marched in defense of American Liberty on ye Alarm last April {Apr.19,1775} Occasioned by Lexington fight." This Wilbraham company was ordered home after a two-days' march and fifty miles' travel, and the men were paid 7s each.

Samuel Webster enlisted in the Revolutionary War at East Hartford in Feb,1776 under Capt. Timothy Cheeney, marched to Boston and was discharged after two months. He volunteered again that summer, marched to New York City and remained there until the city was evacuated, and was discharged after twomonths. He volunteered in 1777 and fought at the battle of Saratoga under Capt. Zebulon Bidwell, who was killed in that battle. In 1778, he was drafted, served in Rhode Island under Capt. Richard Pitkin, marched to Rhode Island for a month and then was involved in Sullivan's Retreat. He was discharged in Oct 1778 near Providence, RI, with the rank of Sergeant.

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