August 2001 Cape Cod Memories

We squeezed a long week away near the end of August in spite of a hectic summer at work for Marty! One thing was different this year though... Katie couldn't make it due to her new job in Wilkes-Barre. We missed her and hope we'll be able to all go together again next summer. Here's our story for this the pics for an enlargement & use your "back" button to return.

We arrived in Harwichport around 6 pm Saturday ... a looooong ride! Bonnat's
Walk down and get a coffee and "meltaway" for breakfast at Bonnat's. You'll pass by this neat cemetery with interesting headstones.
On Sunday we got a call from our friends John and Janet Quinn. They invited us for a day of boating! They gave us a great tour of the south side.... AWESOME!
While out, John ran us up on a nice island beach where we relaxed. After clams, cheese & crackers, and wine coolers on the beach we reluctantly headed in. THANKS!!!
A homemade spagetti dinner in their new house wrapped up a wonderful start to the week! On Monday it was cloudy and Marty & Becky tried out the Sea Street beach. BRRRR!!!!
The rest of the cloudy week they used a tanning salon !
Tuesday we drove up to the north dunes and..... PROVINCE
A gay old town, there's lots of artists, shops, and interesting folks!!!!! We shopped, walked around, and had lunch at the Euro Cafe.
Shopped some more at weird places.... and headed back to the house to relax. Wednesday and Thursday we went to a lot of thrift shops and drove along 6A checking out antique shops and other neat places.
Friday we found a "mystical & magic" shop in Sandwich... My 10th Great- Grandmother I cruised an old cemetary to look up 10th generation relatives in the family tree. Saturday we went to Orleans for some traditional stops...The Army/Navy store.....
and another stop at the Christmas Tree shops... several bags of many from there! and a stop at the fried seafood place across the street.
Back to the house for some flying lessons.. ...and out Saturday night with the Quinns again...Three pound lobsters at the Lobster Boat in Yarmouth. A great ending to vacation. The Lobster Boat

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